Metta Update

As always, our focus and drive is to keep this community going and our studio doors open for you! That is why, effective Mon, Sept 20th, 2021, we must align with the AB Government recent mandates on implementing the Restrictions Exemption Program.

What does this all mean at Metta? 

Because we are complying and implementing the Restrictions Exemption Program we are able to continue to operate as usual. This means we are without restriction able to serve any individual who:

  • Has proof of vaccination: September 20th, proof of a single dose is acceptable and then double dose starting October 25, 2021; or
  • Has documentation of a medical exemption; or
  • Has proof of a recent (within the previous 72 hours) negative COVID-19 test (either PCR or Rapid Test)
  • Those under 12 would not need to provide proof of immunization or a negative test to enter

What do you need to do?

Vaccinated? Great! Please email your proof of vaccination and we will update your account just by checking off a box on your Mindbody account.

Unvaccinated? Great! If you have chosen not to get your vax, a 72 hr negative covid test is acceptable just bring the result to class and show us when you sign in at the front desk so we know your current status!

Exempt? Great! Please email in your documentation of exemption to we will update your account accordingly.

If you are showing symptoms regardless of above status, please stay home and check out our Metta on Demand platform!

Please note, we do not store any identifying medical information. Once your profile status is updated, it will continue to show as such so you only need to do this once.

Masks at Metta

Effective September 3, 2021, masks will be mandatory for all instructors, sweat exchange team members, and guests when entering the studio: 

  • during sign in and while moving about the studio (reception, hallway, change rooms, etc.) and into the hot room
  • when you’re on your mat you can take off your mask and set it beside you during class
  • when class is complete, put you mask back on, gather up your items and exit the space

We want to ensure the safety of everyone who enters our space and be able to still offer yoga classes. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding to these evolving changes. Let’s smile with our eyes community!

Contactless Sign Up & Attending Classes 

  • We are operating at a lower capacity so spots will be limited 
  • Sign in will be ONLINE ONLY and mandatory, we no longer allow walk ins/drop ins
  • Register for class online at or on the MindBody app. Make sure your profile is up to date and has current credit card information
  • Classes can be booked up to 1 week in advance
  • Class Cancelation Procedure
    • Cancel without penalty 6 hours prior to class
    • If you no show to class, a $12 fee will be charged to your credit card OR a class credit will be deducted from your account
    • Cancellation is via MindBody ONLY; no phone or email cancellations accepted
    • In case classes fill up, there is a waitlist option. Add your name to the waitlist and if someone cancels within 6hrs of class, you will be notified by phone or email that are you’re in

Yoga Gear Info

  • You are required to bring your own yoga mat; we will no longer have mats or towels for rent
  • All yoga props (blocks & straps) have been removed from the studio rooms, you can bring your own or can purchase new from the studio
  • Mat spray racks are available to disinfect your yoga stuff

Studio Flow

  • Entering the studio is easy. Since you signed in online, all you do is walk in, sanitize your hands at the station provided, and then give us your name
  • Please minimize use of studio changerooms. We know this isn’t always possible so changerooms will be reserved for those who absolutely need to use them
  • Please refrain from mingling in the reception areas to help us maintain the studio flow and cleaning required for each class. Rain check on the tea hangouts for now

The Practice Space

  • Each mat space available is marked. Please place your mat in marked areas only 
  • Instructors will no longer move around the room; they will instruct from the center of the room 

Memberships & Class Cards

  • All class passes will be extended the duration of our temporary closure
  • All Unlimited Memberships will be reinstated June 7th, 2021 to allow members to sign in for classes
  • All One Month Unlimited Memberships will be extended
  • All One Year Unlimited Memberships will be extended

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding with these new processes and procedures we have in place to keep the studio open and everyone as safe as we can!